hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyers

Top-Rated Criminal Lawyers
Protecting your Rights and your Reputation

If you are charged with a crime in Bergen County New Jersey, come meet with us.
We know the law and we know how to fight.
Our Criminal Defense Lawyers will protect you from day one.
Whether you are under investigation or whether you’ve been
arrested and charged with a horrible crime,
we will defend you to the max.

Highly Experienced Hackensack Criminal Lawyers
We Defend Our Clients To The Max

Once we accept the representation of a client, we take that responsibility very seriously.
For the most part, people only hire criminal lawyers once in their life.
To be charged or accused of a crime is a horrific experience. 
Few things in life are as traumatic and depressing as facing prison & having a conviction on your record.
We fight to keep your record clean & protect you from going to prison by preparing your defense.

Award Winning Criminal Lawyers
We Fight To Keep Your Record Clean

We can never guarantee a result, but we can guarantee that we will fight along your side every step of the way.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever legal problem you find yourself in,
as NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers, we will protect you.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers
Offering Free Consultations

Whether you are facing Simple or Aggravated Assault Charges, DWI/DUI charges, Drug Possession charges, Gun Possession charges, Shoplifting charges, Theft Charges or are facing a Restraining Order,
call us at 201 766 4800 OR fill out our Free Consultation form.

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