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What you need to know about Violent Crime Charges In NJ

If you have been charged with a violent crime in New Jersey, you are up against the fight of your life (literally).

These charges will turn your world upside down and inside out.

A violent crime charge can destroy your career & even cause you to be publicly shamed in the press.

Not only will you lose everything that is meaningful to you, you will be facing serious prison time.

One of the reasons that violent crime charges are so serious is because defendants cannot apply for any of the probationary programs that New Jersey has to offer. PTI is off the table.

The legal options you have when facing a violent crime charge are few.

In many cases, you either plead guilty to a violent crime and go to prison or you take it to trial and win.

At our firm, we fight for more options.

What is an example of A Violent Crime in New Jersey?

Aggravated Assault
Armed Robbery
Attempted Murder
Home Invasion

NJSA 2C:12-1a (2)

Sexual Assault
Terroristic Threats
Vehicular Homicide

One of the most commonly charged violent crimes in New Jersey is Terroristic Threats.

Clients face serious prison time making an impulsive comment.

Can you imagine going to prison for saying something in anger?

It’s our job to help them restore their good name.

If you have been charged with Terroristic Threats, here’s a helpful article on the topic: 

Need Help Understanding Terroristic Threat Charges In NJ?

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Why is preparing a
defense so important?

Violent crimes carry lengthy prison sentences in New Jersey. Cases are won OR lost during the preparation stage. If you fail to prepare, you prepare for failure. After conducting our own investigation, we strategically attack the weaknesses of the charges against our client. This cannot be stressed enough: Preparation is EVERYTHING!

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Why do you charge a flat fee?

A family that is helping a loved one defend against criminal charges is in a crisis. We decided long ago to only charge flat fees. As a result, we save our clients thousands of dollars. If we were to bill hourly, no one could afford a proper defense. Most importantly, once the financial arrangements are settled, everyone can focus 100% on the legal issue at hand.

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Why do you make yourself available 24/7?

Being charged with a crime is an emergency. We understand the state of pain and panic that clients find themselves in and we’re here to help. The criminal justice system can is very complicated and can be extremely intimidating. We patiently explain the process, step by step, By responding to client communications within hours, and often minutes, we are able to alleviate harmful anxiety.

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