Vehicular Homicide or Manslaughter in New Jersey​

Vehicular Homicide

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Vehicular Homicide in New Jersey

Vehicular homicide is a very serious (and common) criminal charge in NJ.

If you are charged with Vehicular Homicide, you should be in our office right now discussing your legal options.

Accidents happen but sometimes the police will treat an accidental death like a crime. We are here to represent you and show that your situation was not a crime, but an accident that could happen to anyone.

Please know that “Vehicular Homicide” is also called “Vehicular Manslaughter”.

Have you been charged with Vehicular Homicide (Vehicular Manslaughter)?

If you killed someone (even if it was an accident) while driving, you may be charged criminally.

Vehicular Homicide charges in NJ carry multiple years in prison. It is our job as your criminal lawyers to protect you & keep you from going to prison.

NJ Does Not Offer Jury Trials In DUI Cases New Jersey is one of the last states to not offer defendants jury trials in

Why are the police treating
your accident like a crime?

The answer to this question will is critical to your case.

It’s up to us to figure why you are being charged criminally.

Once we investigate your case, we can prepare a strategy to defend and protect you.

Under New Jersey law (NJSA 2C:11-5)

You will be charged with a “Criminal homicide” if you drove a car recklessly and ended up killing another person.
These cases are “fact-sensitive”.
This means that one single fact could mean all the difference between a tragic “accident” or a tragic “crime”.

Consequences & Penalties of Vehicular Manslaughter

In New Jersey, vehicular manslaughter can be a second degree crime that could carry a prison sentence of 5 to 10 years and a fine of up to $150,000. If you are in this situation, take advantage of our Free Consultation.


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