NJ Shoplifting Lawyer

NJ Shoplifting Lawyer

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Can shoplifting charges be dismissed?

It’s possible, but it’s not common.

Shoplifting cases are very difficult to win, but it can be done.

In order for the Prosecutor to drop the case against you, there must be strong proof that no crime was committed.

As your lawyers, it is our job to explain your story to the Prosecutor.

If the evidence is there to prove you are innocent, the Prosecutor may be convinced to drop the case.

After meeting with you, we prepare all of the evidence and file important documents to show that you are innocent.

In this way, the case never goes to trial and you avoid a criminal conviction.

More importantly, you avoid going to jail.

We fight to keep you out of jail and to keep your record clean.

NJ Does Not Offer Jury Trials In DUI Cases New Jersey is one of the last states to not offer defendants jury trials in

No Other Lawyer Is Like Him
“When my daughter was deep in her addiction,
she was arrested for shoplifting on multiple occasions.

Alan and his team not only kept her out of jail, but they also helped our family find the help our daughter needed to fight her addiction.
Our family will always be grateful for having found Alan.
He helped us more than words can describe.”

3rd Shoplifting In NJ

For a Third or subsequent Shoplifting conviction in NJ, you must serve a minimum term of imprisonment of not less than 90 days.

Shoplifting attorney in nj

This means that if you plead guilty or are convicted of a Shoplifting charge 3 or more times, you will go to jail for 90 days.

There’s no way around it.

Is Shoplifting a Felony In NJ?

Shoplifting is a Felony in NJ if the value of the stuff you stole is worth over $200.00.

The amount of prison time depends on the value of the stuff.

Look at this simple chart:

Classification of ChargeValue of Goods StolenMax Penalty
Disorderly Persons OffenseUnder $200-Up to 6 months in jail
4th DegreeBetween $200 – $500Up to 18 months in Jail
3rd DegreeBetween $500 – $75,000Up to 5 years in Prison
2nd DegreeOver $75,000Up to 10 years in Prison

NJ Shoplifting Lawyers Helping Families

As NJ Shoplifting lawyers, we have helped countless families get through the most difficult and challenging period in their lives.

Your choice of attorney during this difficult time could mean the difference between freedom & incarceration.

We fight against a criminal record & fight to keep your record clean.



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What is Drug Court?

Due to the Heroin epidemic New Jersey law imposes very grave consequences on the possession and distribution of heroin. 

What Is a Violent Crime In New Jersey?

If you have been charged with a violent crime in New Jersey, you are up against the fight of your life (literally).

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