Charged with Criminal Sexual Assault In NJ?

NJ Sex Crimes Lawyer

How Serious Are Criminal Sexual Assault Charges In NJ?

NJ Sexual Assault Lawyer

Aggravated Sexual Assault charges in NJ are among the most serious criminal charges that a defendant can ever face. 

Although you are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, the accusation is very hard to defend.

These criminal charges are always prosecuted as either First or Second-degree crimes

If you plead guilty to a First-degree crime, you are facing up to twenty years in prison.

Depending on the number of charges, you will be sentenced to multiple decades of incarceration.

If you are charged with either sexual assault or even worse, aggravated sexual assault, stop reading this now and call us immediately. 

When you are charged with a Sexual Assault in NJ your world comes crashing down. 

These criminal charges are painfully humiliating and demoralizing. 

If you are a person charged with a sex offense, call us immediately.

The devastating consequences will affect your life, job, and family.

What happens if i don't talk to the police?

As your criminal defense lawyers, we will always advise you to call us before speaking to law enforcement.

We will always protect your Rights.

If the police approach you to get your side of the story, remember to call us first.

Never Speak to the police until you speak with us.

Never Answer police questions until you speak with us.

Never Admit anything to the police until you speak with us.

It is human nature to try and explain your side of things.

The problem is that you never help your situation when you do this.

In fact, you make matters worse.

The tiniest piece of information can get twisted. Let us handle it.

There is always time to talk to the police.

First, call us and let us protect you.

For more about your rights, here’s a great article.

How Do Miranda Rights Work?

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NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

What is the statute of limitations for sexual assault in NJ?

There is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in NJ. 

In other words, you can be charged many 

However, for every other sex offense, the period of time is 5 years.

If you believe that you are being investigated for sexual assault in NJ, contact us immediately.

For more information on the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes throughout the country, please click here.

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