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New Jersey DWI Lawyer – Top Rated – Affordable

New Jersey DWI lawyers can be very expensive.
In addition to your legal fees, you will need to pay court costs, insurance premiums and DMV fines.
We’re here to help you & that’s why our fees are reasonable.

The reason why our NJ DWI lawyer fees are fair

As NJ DWI lawerys we understand that you made a mistake.
You drank a little too much and got drove.
In addition to your traffic tickets, you’re facing increased insurance premiums & court costs.
Everyone wants to get their DWI case dismissed, but the truth is that a DWI is very difficult to win.
Our mission is to provide top legal representation in DWI/DUI cases at affordable rates.
Of course, we want to win & get your DWI case dismissed.
But we’re all about setting realistic expectations.

Why You Need A DWI Lawyer

NJ DWI lawyers should have three objectives.
First, they need to gather all of the evidence related to your DWI case.
Second, they need to identify the defenses that you may have to win your case.
Third, and most importantly, they need to protect your Constitutional rights.
For example, if your DWI lawyer learns that you were the subject of an illegal stop, then you have a good shot at winning your DWI case. 
Dismissing Criminal Charges: Top 7 Ways To End The Nightmare
DWI cases are lengthy & complicated.
You need an attorney who will guide & protect you throughout this  intimidating process.

When should you hire a NJ DWI Lawyer?

Ideally, you should hire a DWI attorney if you can afford it
If you cannot afford a private DWI lawyer in NJ, then you can apply for a public defender.
You may find that a private DWI lawyer is able to spend more time on your case than a court-appointed lawyer. 
How To Choose The Right Lawyer For You
The penalties and consequences for a DWI conviction are severe.
It’s not just about court costs & fines, if you lose your license, you may lose your job.
We understand that there are DWI lawyers out there that charge tens of thousands of dollars.
These are the same bunch that guarantees to win your DWI case.
At our firm, we work differently. We never make guarantees & our legal fees are reasonable.

There are no plea deals for nJ dWI cases

The New Jersey Supreme court established the following rule:
“no plea agreements whatsoever will be allowed in drunken driving”.
Unlike speeding tickets, the Municipal Prosecutor cannot offer a plea deal in your DWI matter.
In other words, you only have two options left:
1. Take your case to trial and win; or
2. Your DWI lawyer finds a violation of your Constitutional Rights and persuades the court to dismiss your case.
How The New Jersey Court System Works

3 common Ways to win your dWI case

1. Was the traffic stop legal?

Your DWI lawyer must review the evidence against you & identify if you were stopped “legally”.
Man getting arrested
This means that the police officer acted the way the Constitution wants him to. For example, the law states that the police must have a “valid basis” for stopping your motor vehicle.
A cop must be able to explain the basis for their traffic stop.
AND that explanation must be reasonable.
An example of an illegal traffic stop would involve a cop stopping you because you were driving a pink and yellow striped car.
It’s not illegal to drive a colorful car.
This example is taken from real life.
The DWI case was dismissed because we challenged the “legality” of the stop.

2. Were you actually operating the car? "operation defense"

As NJ DWI lawyers we’ve handled many “operation” cases.
An operation case involves the question of whether or not you were actually driving your car.
For example, let’s say that you got drunk at a bar and went inside your car to sleep it off. You admit that you were drunk in your car BUT you had no intention to drive.
Could you still get charged with a DWI? You betcha!
Operation cases have the greatest chances of winning because the law in NJ is clear on this issue.

3. failure to provide evidence
Lack or loss of evidence

You can increase your chances of winning your DWI case if the police either lack or lose the evidence they need to win in court.
When NJ DWI lawyers refer to the State having a weak case, they are referring to a lack of evidence.
If the police officer who arrested you fails to detail his reports or preserve his dashcam video, then your DWI case gets stronger.
Additionally, if the prosecutor doesn’t provide the evidence in a timely manner, our firm files a motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution.

Tips On finding the Right DWI Lawyer for you

Beware of the DWI lawyer who brags about the countless DWI cases that he won.
Again, these cases are very difficult to win & any lawyer who boasts about winning every case is being less than truthful.
Another red flag to be aware of when searching for a DWI lawyer is if the fees are too high or too low.
We all know that high quality products are more expensive than inferior quality products but this rule doesn’t exactly apply to DWI lawyers.

The more you pay an attorney doesn’t mean that you’ll win your DWI case.
Conversely, beware of the DWI attorney who will take your case for cheap just to plead you guilty.
Remember this advice: “First impressions are everything. ” So, during your first meeting, keep these questions in mind:
“Does this lawyer strike me as honest or is there a weird vibe?” For example, is the attorney listening to you and answering your questions? Or, do you feel ignored and judged?
If there’s bad energy or you don’t feel at ease, consider this a red flag. If something is off or just “not right” keep searching. Remember: Like us, there are plenty of caring defense attorneys who offer Free Consultations.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in NJ, you definitely need a DWI lawyer.
As discussed, DWI cases are riddled with challenges & only a DWI lawyer can identify the issues that may help you win.
Lawyers charge a lot of money for DWI cases but their huge fees are not always justified.
DWIs cannot be plea bargained.
This means that your choices are limited.
You can plead guilty, go to trial, or raise legal challenges to get your case dismissed. Once you’ve found a few lawyers you’d like to meet, check to see if they have any client reviews.
At our firm, before a client hires us, we always encourage them to visit our Client Reviews.
Choosing the DWI lawyer that is right for you is an important decision.
The last thing you want is to dish out a ton of money only to find yourself disappointed. If you’ve been charged with a DWI in New Jersey please take advantage of our Free Consultations.
Before you join us for a free consultation, please make sure to visit our client review page.
You’ll like what you see!

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