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What you need to know about NJ Juvenile Charges

Parents Are Not Alone

If you are the parent of a child who was recently arrested, you may be asking yourself where you went wrong. 

You have devoted your life to making certain that all of your children’s needs have been met. 

Most importantly, you have done everything in your power to raise your child with the proper values.

Recently, you receive a phone call in the middle of the night. The caller is either your child or a law enforcement officer. Within seconds, it feels as though your world comes crumbling down. 

Naturally, you turn inward and question yourself. 

“Where did I go wrong? What did I miss? What happens now? What could I have done to prevent this?”

Please know that we have helped countless families get through these challenging times. Experience has proven that parents are seldom at fault. 

As a parent, you could’ve done everything perfectly right and still get that “middle-of-the-night call”. It just takes one bad influence in your child’s life to temporarily take them off the path you so carefully walked them on.

We’ve worked with families who have put their kids through the best private schools, with all the resources at their fingertips, and yet their children found a way to make a very poor choice. 

Life happens.

The truth is that the choices you make now as a parent will greatly affect the rest of your child’s life. 

In New Jersey there is a rule, or more specifically, a requirement which states that a juvenile (person under 18) facing criminal charges must have a lawyer. In other words, juveniles charged with crimes in NJ cannot appear Pro Se (representing themselves). 

If the juvenile is not eligible for the services of a public defender, he/she must retain the services of an attorney (preferably a Criminal Defense Attorney).

What are the Consequences of A Juvenile "Conviction" In New Jersey?

Consequences Of A Juvenile Conviction In NJ

In the New Jersey Juvenile System, if a juvenile is found guilty of the acts charged, they are “Adjudicated Delinquent”. 

In other words, instead of saying “the juvenile was convicted”, we say, “the juvenile was Adjudicated Delinquent”.

Exposure to imprisonment is possible, but highly unlikely. 

For the most part, if a Superior Family Court Judge “convicts” your child of the underlying charge, that judge has discretion to choose from the following penalties or forms of “punishment”.

  •      Adjourned disposition;
  •      Required community service;
  •      Diversionary program;
  •      Monetary fines;
  •      Period of probation;
  •      Release of the juvenile to a parent or guardian;
  •      Required parental involvement in the juvenile’s rehabilitation;
  •      Treatment for mental health issues, substance abuse, and/or alcoholism;
  •      Restitution (requiring the juvenile to provide compensation for damage s/he caused);
  •      Suspension of a juvenile’s driver’s license;
  •      Work, academic, and/or vocational programs
First-time offenders have the most options available to them. When representing your son or daughter, we have the strongest arguments to make on your child’s behalf if this was their first encounter with the law. 
If our client has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement, there may be bigger issues at play. The challenges will be greater, but we never lose hope and will always prepare maximally.

Important Practice Note About the NJ Juvenile System

First-time offenders have the most options available to them. When representing your son or daughter, we have the strongest arguments to make on your child’s behalf if this was their first encounter with the law. 

If our client has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement, there may be bigger issues at play. The challenges will be greater, but we never lose hope and will always prepare maximally.

"Our son made a very poor choice. For many months, our world was turned upside down. We were extremely lucky to learn about Alan. His results were the best we could’ve hoped for. BUT the best thing about Alan was the way he talked to our son. My son connected with Alan and listened to him. Ever since this incident happened, my son changed his group of friends & focuses on creating his future in a positive way. Alan’s legal representation and positive influence on my son was priceless."

- Parent of Client

What Are The Laws Regarding Juvenile Custody and Detention In NJ?

If your child has been taken into custody and is not released immediately after questioning, this is a red flag. 

When your child is not immediately release after questioning, you should get a lawyer. (It would be best to have a lawyer before questioning) 

In all likelihood, your child is involved in something serious. Quite often, it’s drugs.

You probably have no idea what’s going on and that’s all the reason you need to retain counsel.

Whenever a juvenile faces charges in NJ, the State must hold an initial detention hearing the following morning to determine whether or not he/she must remain in custody. 

As things develop, the State imposes requirements on the amount of time that a juvenile can be held in detention. 

Our job as defense lawyers is to take immediate action. 

We file “motions” (formal legal requests) that demand your child’s immediate release. 

Once we get involved, we get to the bottom of things.

We make certain that once we enter as your child’s legal defense team, we spend all of our energy focusing on the best interests of your child.

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Jennifer R.
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He is an honest, down to earth, compassionate attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his potential and future clients like myself. I would recommend him to everyone I know as it is hard to find a good one whose not out for himself. I’m glad I found him!
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