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How Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in New Jersey?

We All Deserve Second Chances In Life
When You Expunge Your Criminal Arrest Or Conviction, You Get That Second Chance

The internet has changed society in many, many ways. When it comes to people’s privacy, the world will never be the same. Nowadays we not only have to worry about smartphones videotaping and recording all of our actions and conversations, but we also have to worry about what other people may post about us.

In the past, people’s private lives, including their arrests and criminal convictions were only for a person’s family and loved ones to know about. Today, many companies profit from selling a person’s private information. We all make mistakes and getting arrested or charged with a crime can happen to anyone. The difference is that now, with the available technology, all potential employers, educational institutions, and even “friends” can dig up dirt on your past.

In other words, anyone in the world can pay a fee and uncover embarrassing and damaging facts about your past. Yes, shame is now for sale! Fight back and have your criminal arrests and convictions expunged. The process is complicated but well worth.

At our firm, we charge our clients very reasonable rates. We became attorneys to help people and we can think of no better way to help a client than to help them put their past behind and get a second chance at life. Unfortunately, many clients put their lives on hold for ten and even twenty years because of their criminal record. We successfully expunged their records within months and they were ecstatic to finally land a good job or get into a nursing program after years and years of waiting.

Prevented From Pursuing A Certain Career?
Prevented From Studying At A Certain Institution?
Tired Of Not Having A Clean Record?
Expunge Your Criminal Records And Enjoy True Freedom Again

What Exactly Is An Expungement?
An expungement is a process which involves a petition (request) to a New Jersey Superior Court judge wherein the petitioner (the person making the request) is asking that his prior arrest and/or conviction be “erased”.  Although the record is never really erased, it is treated as if it never happened.  As a society, we understand that people make mistakes and people learned from those mistakes.  We accept that people change and we accept that their previous mistakes should not keep them from moving on in their life.
The expungement process is all about obtaining a signed order from a judge that basically states that the criminal arrest and or conviction, “…shall be deemed not to have happened.”  Once your expungement is finalized you are allowed by New Jersey law to say that you were never arrested or convicted.
If ever a background check is performed on you, the person or potential employer performing that security check will be told that “there is no record”.

Once My “Incident” Has Been Expunged, Are There Any Situations Where I Would Have To Admit My Prior Arrest Or Conviction?

You are required to admit your prior arrests and/or convictions in the event that you apply for a job with law enforcement, the department of corrections and the judicial system.  You may still apply for jobs in these fields but your future employer must know about your past.  You may share with your future employer (in the aforementioned fields) the fact that your “incident” has been expunged. You may go on to explain that you learned a lot from the experience but you are not automatically disqualified from pursuing employment within these fields.

In addition, if you are applying for a diversionary program or are being sentenced for a conviction of “new charges”, your expunged records will be accessed for sentencing purposes.

Is It Worth The Money It Costs To Get An Expungement?

Let’s answer this question with a question.  Do you ever intend to secure a nice job or to start a lifelong career?  In other words, how can it not be worth it to invest in your future?  Just about every job performs background checks.  Jobs that require a licensing like teachers, real-estate agents, nurses, commercial drivers all require background checks and ask you if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted.  Once you’ve expunged your records you can legally say “NO” to this question and check off the box on the application that requests this information from you.  With an expungement you now have peace of mind that in a sense you’ve been “forgiven” for your past mistake and now you can start over.

How Long Will The Whole Expungement Process Take?

We set our client’s expectations by explaining that are many steps, many agencies, and thus many people involved. Once our law firm receives all of the necessary paperwork, i.e., certified dispositions, we prepare the Verified Petition and all paperwork very quickly. On average, we tell our clients that their criminal records should be expunged within three to six months. Sometimes the Expungement Order is signed much sooner and our clients become super psyched! Remember that once the Order is signed, the appropriate police agencies still have to clear their records. This is where the process gets extended. But the approved petition is the most important part.

Can I Expunge My Records For Immigration Purposes?

No.  Immigration law is governed by federal law and not New Jersey law.  If you have a pending application to become a United States citizen, you still have to be honest about your prior arrests and/or convictions on your immigration applications.  If you are in removal proceedings, your expunged records will still be available for the Department of Homeland Security to use against you during your removal hearings.  

Expunging your criminal records in New Jersey will not serve you for immigration purposes.  Whether you are pursuing an immigration benefit such as becoming a citizen or lawful permanent resident, your records will still be available to the federal government and you must divulge your criminal history or you will find yourself facing serious accusations of fraud and the like.

Can I Expunge My DUI Conviction?

Unfortunately, DUIs are not criminal in nature in New Jersey. Driving Under the Influence in New Jersey is a Title 39 offense. Title 39 offenses are mostly traffic offenses. Thus, in New Jersey DUI are classified as traffic offenses.
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