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DWI Charges In NJ

A DWI conviction in NJ will really complicate your life.
In addition to license suspensions and jail, NJ has extremely high fines and surcharges.
If you get a DWI in NJ, it will stay on your record forever. In NJ, you get a “step down” every ten years.
This means that if you got your first DWI in the year 2000 & your second DWI in 2011, your second becomes your first.
Did you see the math?
Since ten years passed between your first & second DWI, the second one is treated like a first. 

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Is a DWI a crime in NJ?

The good news is that a DWI in NJ is a traffic offense. It is not a criminal charge.
The bad news is that you can lose your driving privileges for up to 10 years.
More bad news…you could be sentenced to jail for up to six months.
It does not matter if you have a driver’s license from another state.
The DWI from NJ will affect your driving record in your home state. 

To learn more about DWIs in NJ, check out this video: “Is a DWI a Crime”?

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Can A NJ DWI Be Expunged?

An Expungement is a way of removing or cleaning your criminal record.
Since a DUI in NJ is a traffic offense, you can never expunge a DUI.
Sorry but it stays on your record forever.
For those of you with immigration challenges, you cannot expunge a DUI for immigration purposes.
More importantly, you cannot expunge ANY crime for immigration purposes.
An Expungement will not work for immigration applications. Sorry but we are just trying to help.

If I Get A DWI, Can I Ask For A Jury Trial?

Unfortunately, NJ DUI jury trials do not exist.
Here’s an article on the subject. If your DUI caused someone’s death or serious bodily harm, you will get a jury trial for the criminal charges. If you are in this situation, the underlying DUI & loss of license is the least of your problems.
You are facing serious prison time.
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How Are Inmates Treated At The Bergen County Jail? As a criminal defense attorney, I have visited different jails throughout the state on countless

Can i get a DWI For Prescription Drugs?

Yes. Hackensack Drug Possession Lawyers
To keep it simple, think of it this way.
Whenever anyone in NJ operates a motor vehicle under the influence of anything that impairs their ability to drive, they can be charged with a DWI. 
An example would be over the counter cough syrup.
If you have been charged with a DWI & Drug Possession, click here.

Now, when it comes to NJ DWIs for prescription drugs, the case is completely different than an alcohol DWI. The things the police have to do during their investigation is completely different from a drunk driving case. Instead of taking breath samples, the police draw blood.

It’s our job to make sure they did everything right. 
Needless to say, these cases can become very complicated.
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