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What you need to know about Drug Possession Charges In NJ

If you have been charged with a Drug Possession in NJ, you’ve got a serious problem.

Depending on how much Drugs were in your possession, you could face life in prison.

Regardless of the type of drugs you had on you, if they were illegal drugs, you are looking at a criminal record.

Once you get a Criminal record in NJ, you will be cut off from countless opportunities.

For example, drug possession charges tell employers that you cannot be trusted.

In addition, colleges and universities will refuse your admission.

Take for instance marijuana possession charges.

Without a doubt, one of the most common drug possession charges in NJ involve Marijuana. 

Even though society has pretty much accepted marijuana, it still remains illegal in our state.

If you disagree with what I said about society, join me in court.

After seeing 54 marijuana cases one morning, in only one court, I was convinced that society smokes.

They smoke a lot!

Granted, marijuana possession is still illegal, but these cases can be won.

Want to read a great article on how to win your marijuana possession charge in NJ?

Here it is:
5 Ways To Fight & Win Marijuana Possession Charges In NJ

How to fight drug possession charges in NJ

Drug possession charges must be fought at every step.

We get very creative and use many legal ways to attack drug charges.

This being the case, our approach to fighting drug charges begins with protecting our client’s Constitutional Rights.

With this objective clearly in mind, the way to get drug possession charges dropped starts with the basics.

The first step in getting these cases dropped involves closely examining the police investigation.

For example, here are some of the questions we ask:

Were our client’s Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendment Rights violated?

How did the police know about the drugs?

How did they seize (get) the drugs?

Were the drugs properly tested?

These answers drive our strategy.

Once we have this information, we challenge absolutely everything the police did before & after they arrested our client.

The key to fighting and winning drug possession charges in NJ is all about aggressively protecting our client’s rights.

Criminal defense is all we do.

Protecting our client’s Constitutional Rights is the only way we know how.

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What are the consequences for
juvenile drug possession in NJ?

Sorry but…the rules are the same for everyone.

If your child has a lot of drugs in his/her possession, he/she will be treated & charged as an adult.

Alternatively, if the juvenile drug possession case involves a small amount (personal use) we fight like mad to keep it as a juvenile matter.

Now, if your son/daughter is arrested with drug scales, a wad of cash, and a “high-school supply of weed”, the argument that “he’s just a kid” isn’t going anywhere.

But never lose hope.

We have used many legal strategies to fight & win drug possession and distribution charges.

Our sole purpose is to keep a juvenile’s criminal record clean.

Put another way, we do everything humanly possible to give your child a second chance.

For this reason, we spend enormous time & effort preparing each case.

I’ve said it a million times throughout my career.

Preparation is everything.

***When you meet with us, absolutely everything we discuss is confidential.***

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