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NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

We are a Top Rated New Jersey Criminal Defense Law Firm. 

Our team of NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to protect you.

At our firm, we only represent clients charged with crimes.

A simple allegation of a crime can complicate, and even ruin, many areas of your life.

Knowing this, we have devoted our careers to defending anyone charged with crimes.

Our NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers protect clients accused of every type of crime.

We protect clients facing drug charges like Marijuana and Heroin possession OR physical crimes involving Simple & Aggravated Assault or Aggravated Sexual Assault.

We also handle a high volume of Theft cases like Shoplifting charges.

Although Drunk Driving in NJ is not a crime, the consequences are very serious.

Many clients ask, “Is Shoplifting A Misdemeanor In NJ?”

We have successfully represented countless clients facing:

 Temporary & Final Restraining Orders. 

Harassment and Terroristic Threats charges.

In other words, we do it ALL.

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Top Rated NJ Criminal Lawyer

"Simply The Best Criminal Lawyer"

"Alan is without a doubt the best criminal attorney I have ever come across. He’s sharp, always available, and always gets work done. Before I met Alan, I had been using another attorney who didn’t answer calls and couldn’t be bothered. Alan cares, he truly fights for you like no other."
Jennifer R.
- Client Posted Google Review 2018

"This Attorney Is For Real"

“We met with 5 different lawyers and they all seemed fake. We instantly knew when we met with Mr. Peyrouton that he was going to fight for my sister. My sister was in serious trouble but Alan researched and prepared everything and got her case dismissed. If I could, I would give Alan TEN stars because he’s such a fighter. Stop searching and wasting time…call Alan and meet with him first!”."
Sandra M..
- Client Posted Google Review 2018
Top Rated NJ Criminal Lawyer

"Exceptional Defense Attorney"

"He is an honest, down to earth, compassionate attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his potential and future clients like myself. I would recommend him to everyone I know as it is hard to find a good one whose not out for himself. I’m glad I found him!"
Jane L.
- Client Posted Google Review 2015

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Top Rated NJ Criminal Lawyer

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