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Kevin M. Brown

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Attorney Kevin M. Brown

Attorney Kevin M. Brown is from Detroit, MI.

Mr. Brown holds Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral degrees from two of the nation’s top Ivy League universities. His Alma Maters include the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1983, Mr. Brown earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. In 1986 he added yet another degree from the University of Michigan. This time he earned his Masters Degree in Organizational Medical Care.

After working for many years throughout Detroit in the Public Sector, Kevin decided to become an attorney.

Mr. Brown’s outstanding achievements at the University of Michigan laid the foundation for his admission to the University of Pennsylvania (Juris Docorate 1993).

Mr. Brown brings tremendous trial experience to Peyrouton Law. Each client benefits greatly from Kevin’s representation. He has mastered his craft over two and half decades (25 years).

Early in his career, he served as one of the Top Municipal Prosecutors in Jersey City.

The Jersey City Municipal Court system is one of the busiest in the state.

The Jersey City Office of the Municipal Prosecutor represents the state of New Jersey in the prosecution of all downgraded felonies. Over 3,000 cases are heard before the municipal courts of Jersey City each month. Mr. Brown conservatively estimates that he has Prosecuted over 20, 000 cases during his tenure in Jersey City. Yes, you read correctly, “over twenty thousand!”

Although he remains grateful for his Prosecuting experience, he is a Defense Attorney at heart. Kevin regularly appears before the Essex County Criminal courts, as well as the Bergen County Criminal courts.

He prefers to use his extensive courtroom trial skills to defend people in New Jersey charged with both minor and major crimes. Click here to learn more about New Jersey’s Criminal Process.

Whether you are charged with a Disorderly Persons Offense (Misdemeanor) or an Indictable Offense (Felony) Kevin takes his Sixth Amendment Oath very seriously.

Whether you are facing Drug charges, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Embezzlement, Theft, Restraining Orders, Obstruction of Justice, or DWI charges, Kevin will devote every ounce of his energy to defend & protect you.
Mr. Brown explains his approach to clients like this:

“I will never guarantee a given result in your case, BUT you have my word that I will give your case my full attention. You will receive top legal representation during every stage of your case. You will receive constant updates and you can contact me on my cell (201-289-6694), email, or office number. I became an attorney to help you and once you hire me, you will not feel alone. It is my sworn duty to protect your Constitutional rights and I can think of no higher purpose than this.
Call me today and let me help you.”

When people ask, “Where can I find the best criminal lawyer near me?”
Mr. Brown responds, “I’m here, waiting for your call.”
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Top Rated NJ Criminal Lawyer
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