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Posted by Darnell

December 17, 2017
I had in incident where I ran into the law in July of 2017. This was my first ever criminal charge. Scary process. Went searching on the internet and came across Alan. He pretty much left everything out on the table. And weighed my options. Plead guilty, and it stays on my record for 5+ years, or plead not guilty and we fight it. Best case scenario I did probation for 6 months to a year, and I use something called a “get-out-of-jail” free card, which you only get once in your lifetime. I told him let’s fight it. As of December 10th, 2017. All charges that were put upon me has been dismissed, and I’m a free man. This man is something special.
He told me , “this was an early Christmas gift..” after court lol, so Merry Christmas to Alan and the Peyrouton Law Firm, I appreciate it greatly.

Great lawyer!
Posted by Jerry

April 21, 2016
Best lawyer out there really down-to-earth type a guy knows exactly what he’s doing and I totally recommend him. He really help me out with my DUI case and I really appreciate that thank so much Alan your the best

Great Attorney
Posted by Matt

April 19, 2016
I was arrested with enough marijuana on me to put me in jail for two years. I had a 6 month old daughter and wife at home, that rely on me to provide for them. Prison was not an option. Alan assured me that he would do everything possible to make sure that wouldn’t happen. Sure enough a few months later, I only received 12 months of probation and a few fines. He is a mirAcle worker. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and always keeps his promises. I would highly recommend him for any legal situation you might find your self in. He might look like “iron man”, but when it comes to the court room he is “super man” thanks for everything Alan.
God bless you and your loved ones.

Alan Peyrouton Review
Posted by Joseph

October 27, 2015
Alan is a very professional, well versed and well prepared attorney. I was extremely pleased with how he handled my case and all correspondence regarding the case. I would definitely recommend him, and use him in the future although I hope I don’t need to.

Another chance
Posted by anonymous

May 18, 2015
Due to Alan taking the time to listen, he was able to guide me in the right direction to make sure I received a chance to do the right thing and stay out of jail/trouble. Thank you!

Kept me out of prison
Posted by Herb

April 28, 2015
The minute I walked into Alan’s office I felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. He managed to take burgulary and bring it down into tresspassing charge. I didn’t see any prison time and only had to pay a small fine, all which would’ve been impossible without Iron-Man (Alan’s lawyer alter-ego). He was honest and kept me up to date with everything that was going on with my case. If you’re in some trouble Iron-man is the super-hero you need.

We highly recommend Mr. Alan Peyrouton if you are looking for a Honest Knowledgeable Lawyer
Posted by anonymous

April 3, 2015
If you are looking for an Honest, Knowledgeable Lawyer, we highly recommend Mr. Alan Peyrouton. Our Nephew was detained in Texas and then transferred to the Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey. We were not getting any information or any answers from our Texas Lawyer. I had send an email to Mr. Peyrouton and he responded with in minutes back to me asking for us to call his office. I then contacted him and he took his own time to listen and answer questions that I had. Not only that my after I had explained to my husband that night what Mr. Peyrouton had informed me my husband had questions he wanted to ask and Mr. Peyrouton was willing to talk with us a 2nd time and talk with my husband. We are very Thankful to Mr. Peyrouton for giving us this time and talking with us. Mr. Peyrouton if very knowledgeable and very professional in how he answers and presents himself. So from our experience, If you are looking for a strong lawyer who will fight for you and your rights, Mr. Alan Peyrouton is the lawyer you need. We highly recommend him.

Hardest working lawyer I ever met!
Posted by Jose T.

December 12, 2014
Mr. Peyrouton and his team were exceptional! From day one I trusted him and his staff. They returned all of my phone calls and answered all of my questions. I had an extremely difficult case and they got me the best result I could ask for. I always carry his business cards with so I can refer him to any of my friends and family.

Iron Man
Posted by Jorge

May 5, 2014
I call him Iron Man because he kind of looks likef Tony Stark, and because he came in clutch like a superhero. We took my case to trial and he was amazing! It was Alan against everybody and he didn’t back down…there were like 20 cops in the court during trial and Alan was not intimidated at all. His memory is incredible. During his closing argument he mentioned all of the cases in NJ that were relevant to my defense and I was in shock because he was not reading from any paper. He’s also the most humble lawyer I ever met. He’s my lawyer for life!

Attorney for Life!
Posted by Veronica C.

April 21, 2014
Alan and his team were phenomenal! They returned all of my phone calls and answered all of my questions. He was super patient with me and walked me through every step of the legal process. I felt so comfortable with him. He really knew how to alleviate my concerns. The best part of all is that he won every one of my cases. He’s my attorney for life! Over the past 5 years I referred over a dozen people to him.

Posted by Siobhan

October 27, 2012
October of 2011, lawyer Alan Peyrouton, worked my case that lasted until about June 2012. Before I even went into the office he took his personal time to have a detailed telephone conversation with me about the charges I faced. The first day that I actually went into his office, he made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the best choice to defend me in court. I faced five charges of serious magnitude.He not only eased my nerves but armed me with knowledge that could protect me in the future. He made me feel like he had my best interest at heart and he seemed passionate to do his best to try and help me. Through out the long drawn out case he continued to defend me in court vigorously. He always kept me abreast and was always on top of the court when they tried to take advantage of my rights.

He seemed to always be one step ahead of the prosecutor. He always informed me of my choices and that helped me feel more in control. That’s essential especially when the court system will do everything to make you feel like you don’t have any. He went over and beyond to be efficient with my case. For example, Peyrouton took his personal time to watch multiple hours of surveillance video of me and typed up everything that was said in the tape. He didn’t have to but he did. By the end of case, four of my charges got dismissed and I got conditional discharge for the remaining charge.

I would strongly recommend Lawyer Alan Peyrouton to defend anyone in court. At this point I wouldn’t hesitate to ever use his services in the future. He is not only my lawyer but I feel like he is my friend. If I could ever give anyone advice when it comes to having a lawyer, remember they are there to defend, but they do not make the decisions for you. And that is exactly what Alan Peyrouton does with compassion, professionalism, and vigor.

Posted by C V

I would highly recommend Peyrouton Law LLC! They are very efficient and timely with all responses and services.

Posted by L S

Excellent place to do business with calls back ASAP even after hours highly recommend.

Posted by Marie R.

June 29, 2018
I had an issue concerning my family member and I received an immediate response Mr. Peyrouton is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and professional. I highly recommend this law firm.

Posted by Isabel G.

January 30, 2018
Mr. Peyrouton is knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and I would not go anywhere else for legal counsel. He is caring, patient and helpful. Outstanding work ethic demonstrated throughout the process and a very satisfying final outcome. I highly recommend his firm.

Posted by Maria M.

January 29, 2018
Very attentive attorney. Always available when I have any questions and has a great personality! I recommend him for any legal troubles.

Posted by Michelangelo G.

January 26, 2018
Alan handled a traffic ticket for me. I’ve had similar violations and it always seems as if i have no idea who the lawyer i am using is or how good he is until court date. When you call they will never give you the time and are instructed to speak to an assistant or Secretary. It was refreshing to see a lawyer like Alan take the time to personally answer my phone calls and answer my questions. He handles himself with exceptional professionalism and he really makes you feel as if he wants to help you as opposed to just pocketing your money. His fee is fair and definitely worth every penny. I would recommend him to anyone i know.

Posted by Tiffany C.

August 20, 2018
I hired Alan Peyrouton to help out with my family member’s legal issues that were scary and intimidating. Alan answered all of our questions, asked us to be honest with him…and took control over the situation. He was professional yet personable and caring. I highly recommend Alan for your legal needs/situations. It’s too risky to trust your faith with just any attorney… Alan Peyrouton takes his responsibilities seriously and faithfully!

Any honest attorneys left? Yes there are!
Posted by Rich 

February 17, 2017
I had a recent consult with Alan Peyrouton. After a pretty detailed discussion, I did not hire him because he could not help me with my particular case. But that’s the best part about it – his honesty.
We have all heard stories where lawyers will just take your money when they know there is a small chance of winning the case. Sometimes, that makes the public not trust lawyers that much, and I am one of those cynical people.
However, I found Allen’s demeanor, attitude, and knowledge of his topics to be very solid and professional. He was candid about his abilities, and what he could and could not do. He also related a few cases where he had some success when other attorneys didn’t.
When you get a little older as I am, and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, you start to realize when someone is being truthful about themselves, rather than bragging.
He impressed me with his candid remarks, honesty and integrity. Based upon that, and my experience speaking with him, I would recommend him.

Best Criminal lawyer!
Posted by Virginia

April 20, 2016
I was facing serious criminal charges punishable by time in prison. I have consulted several attorneys but was not satisfied with their advice. I was referred to Mr. Peyrouton, by a friend, and hired him to represent me. Mr. Peyrouton explained all my options, was extremely knowledgeable, confident and optimistic. Thanks to Mr. Peyrouton’s extraordinary work, my case was resolved and I was placed in probation, instead of going to prison. This result exceeded my expectations. I’ll be eternally grateful to Mr. Peyrouton for his magnificent representation.

Best lawyer
Posted by Johnny C.

October 29, 2015
I got a DUI. It was my first so I was scared. But he helped me in the whole process. He told me what to do and how to do it. At the end the result was good for me. So if u got a DUI (I hope not), you must contact Mr. Alan Peyrouton

Exceptional Defense Attorney Look No Further He is the One!
Posted by Jane

October 23, 2015
From the 1st conversation on the phone I knew he was the one to represent me against a simple assault and harassment charge with a neighbor. In my short experience in seeking an attorney, none presented themselves with such professionalism and thorough knowledge of the law, the court system and attorneys.While one attorney I met asked if I brought the money within 5 minutes of speaking to me. Another wanted me to retain them without a face to face meeting. Alan not only spoke to me on the phone, he made arrangements to meet face to face to discuss my case. In our face to face meeting I never felt pressured as he was approachable, charismatic and considerate of my emotional and financial situation. He spoke of his accomplishments proudly and reassured me not of the outcome of my case but of his expertise in the system and success with similar cases.

As soon as he arrived at the courtroom I felt a sense of relief as that is not a place you want to be alone. He knew the security personnel, the prosecutor, and even pinpointed when the judge would be arriving. His confidence put my mind at ease. He warned me prior that it may take several court appearances but would fight alongside me to get the best possible outcome for me. So I was ecstatic to find he accomplished everything in the 1st court appearance. Case was dismissed and charges were dropped. He is extremely good at reading people and knew I was the real victim here so was not willing to have the case go any other way.

Once the decision was made to have the charges dropped and we were waiting to go before the judge, he took out a book which demonstrated to me his enthusiasm to better himself in his field. It’s no wonder he has a 9.7 AVVO rating, but in my eyes he deserves a 10 and beyond. He is an honest, down to earth, compassionate attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his potential and future clients like myself. I would recommend him to everyone I know as it is hard to find a good one whose not out for himself. I’m glad I found him!

Go getter
Posted by Armando

February 7, 2015
Alan was hands down what you call a go getter… Always was on top of his game and lookin out for my best interest! Had a difficult case, up against a deck they kept stacked against me! Still he stayed the course and never backed down … We fought till the end and I can honestly say by the time things was said and done . Not only did I find a great lawyer! I found a ride or die n***a that had my back! If what your looking for is a professional that will go to bat for you ? Look NO further! Alan is your man !!!

I’m so glad I chose Alan Peyrouton
Posted by Robert

January 19, 2015
I can’t say enough great things about Mr. Peyrouton. I was tremendously impressed with his intelligence, professionalism, and calm, confident demeanor, which helped me tremendously in getting through my case to a positive conclusion. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will absolutely call Alan. And I will certainly recommend him to anyone I know in need of a top notch legal counselor.

Alan Peyrouton is the way to go
Posted by Cristian

April 26, 2014
Boy did I pick the right lawyer. What really got me to choose him as a lawyer to represent me in my DUI case was that even before I even went into the office he took his personal time to have a detailed telephone conversation with me about the charges I faced. The first day that I actually went into his office, he welcomed me with open arms. What I liked was that he made me and my MOTHER feel comfortable and confident that he was the best choice to defend me in court. I faced multiple charges that would pretty much get my license taken away for good. He was able to ease my nerves and tell me possible outcomes he would fight for.He made me feel like he had my best interest at heart and he seemed passionate to do his best to try and help me.

Domestic Violence & Assault Case
Posted by anonymous

November 18, 2012
Having never been in the position of being accused of such serious crimes, naturally, I was filled with many different feelings regarding the charges I faced. Uncertainty on how to prove my innocence, and confusion on where to begin were among them.Upon first meeting Alan Peyrouton I was immediately impressed with the genuineness and earnestness of his character. After discussing the facts of my case, Alan explained in detail what the process going forward would entail and I knew I could trust his legal expertise to prove my innocence. Throughout the entire process Alan provided me with routine updates on interviews he conducted and motions he filed on my behalf. When we went to trial, he effectively cross examined witnesses and was able to expose their lies and inconsistencies in open court.

Thanks to the legal expertise of Mr. Peyrouton I was able to prove my innocence on all charges, and we won full dismissals of all charges against me. My family and I are very thankful to Alan for all the hard work and dedication he provided in our time of need. If anyone were to find themselves in a difficult position and in need of a great attorney, I would only hope they were as lucky as I was to find a lawyer like Alan Peyrouton.

Posted by L T

Alan Peyrouton is, without a doubt, the MOST compassionate, caring lawyer I’ve ever spoken with. No nonsense, he could undoubtedly double his fee and not hurt you, but he’s just so honest. If you can believe this, he gives lawyers a GOOD name! Don’t waste your time. I graduated from a private Catholic college, and I trust him unequivocally. Never thought I’d need a criminal attorney, blessed to have found him

Posted by L F

Alan’s performance in my recent case was outstanding. I received unparalleled professionalism and support throughout the entire process. I reccomend Alan to anyone who needs representation in their criminal case, as he is a world-class attorney. Thank You Alan.

Posted by N M

When you are involved in a legal issue, everything becomes confusing. All you want is for someone to tell you the truth and not take advantage of your situation. Well, you can put your trust in Alan Peyrouton. He is very compassionate, understanding and not to forget he knows what he is talking about. 
When the legal book is thrown at you all you want is the right person to pull you out of the mess. sometimes it is not that easy. But wouldn’t you rather know exactly what you can expect or would you rather be lied to?
With Alan, you get exactly what you want, in terms of honesty, and up to date legal advice. 
I have worked with many attorneys over the years, however, Alan is the one type that does not care about just making money, he actually cares about the individual who is suffering, or is being wrongfully accused. Make the right choice when it comes to your legal rights and issues. choose Alan to fight for you and your loved ones.

Posted by A A


Posted by S M

“We met with 5 different lawyers and they all seemed fake. We instantly knew when we met with Mr. Peyrouton that he was going to fight for my sister. My sister was in serious trouble but Alan researched and prepared everything and got his case dismissed. If I could, I would give Alan TEN stars because he’s such a fighter. Stop searching and wasting time…call Alan and meet with him first!”

Great Service and professionalism!
Posted by Miguel

August 23, 2018
I have been a client of Alan Peyrouton for 10 years. He has always treated me with respect and professionalism. He is extremely knowledgeable and very prompt to get back to you with any questions or concerns you may have, he really cares about his clients which is important to me and something I did not experience when I hired other attorneys. I recommend Alan to my friends and family to help them with any legal matters they have. Thank you.

Simply The Best
Posted by Jennifer

August 26, 2018
Alan is without a doubt the best criminal attorney I have ever come across. He’s sharp, always available, and always gets work done. Before I met Alan, I had been using another attorney who didn’t answer calls and couldn’t be bothered. Alan cares, he truly fights for you like no other.

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