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Hilda H.

Peyrouton Law Firm has provided legal service and guidance to my family during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsible knowledgable and honest. I would highly recomend Peyrouton Law Firm to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront.

Cristhian D.

Jose T.

He’s the best of the best of lawyers 🏆🏆

eric b.

Very good lawyer they will work with you

Maria P.

My loved one was facing felony charges that could change the course of our lives forever. Looking for a trusted law firm was overwhelming and daunting. I was so blessed and grateful to find the offices of Peyrouton Law and secure Alan as our attorney. Alan is an exceptional individual. From the moment I sat down with him I felt secure and well informed. Alan is an exemplary attorney . His strengths include excellent communication, analytical, and research skills. To put it simply he really knows his stuff!! I am so grateful for everything he has done for me and my loved one. Our results were phenomenal and I highly recommend his services. Thank you!

jose B.

Luisa F.

Jake Kim, Esq., is an attorney of the highest standards. He knows the law, is a diligent and hard worker and a tremendous advocate. More importantly, he has a heart and cares about the issues and needs of his clients.

Seunghoon K.

Professional lawyers. Good service

Wilver D.

Best law firm in town. He will make you feel as you are priority. Will never let you step foot into court without giving you any heads up about how it will turn out. He will fight for your rights and make sure you leave with the best possible outcome. If anyone ever needs a lawyer he is my number one recommendation.

Home B.

I can’t say enough good things about Kevin and Alan , They will make you feel at ease during a difficult time. They were completely professional, helpful ,friendly and demanded such a high level of respect. I highly recommend.

Sandra S.

Even though we didn’t end up working with the firm due to distance issues, I wanted to let everyone know not to hesitate to reach out to Alan and Kevin if you need an attorney. I sent out quite a few consultation requests and they were the first to reach out to me, were extraordinarily honest and patient answering all of my questions, and even took the time to follow up and refer me to somebody else for help. Thank you so much!

Alexis S.

Alan is a great guy and helped me greatly

Luis T.

Very professional and friendly. They make you feel like you are part of their family. I’m glad I was represented by then. I’m very happy with the results of my case…..


What can I say! Mr. Peyrouton’s Law firm one of the Best, we are very far from our loved one, and Mr. Alan has gone beyond and above to help us with this stressful situation, God bless this man’s life and his law firm, thank you Mr. Alan.

Mauricio C.

Let me start by saying that Alan and Kevin gave me my life back. I was been charged with different charges and facing over 15 years in jail.
When i first walk into their office i was scared and uncertain of what my future was going to be but thanks to these two great men i got my life back. I explained my situation and how i was falsely accused and they could see that i was telling the true. They became more than a bodyguard on my behalf. They defended me like if i was their son or a relative. Expended extended hours on my case, any other lawyer would charge a very large amount of money.
They did an awesome job and i have a personal appreciation for them.
The outcome of my situation was incredibly. Didn’t have to go to trial even though they were more than ready, no jail time, no probation or PTI. For my career it was awesome because i have a secret clearance and anything other than a small fine would jeopardize it.

I would like to thank them and If you ever need a knowledge lawyer call them they are the best.

Quiesiera empesar por decir que Alan y Kevin me devolvieron mi vida. Estaba en la situation que podia ver unos 15 años en la carcel.
La primera vez que entre a su officina yo tenia miedo e inseguro de lo que esperaba del futuro. Le explique mi situacion e inmediatamente se dieron cuenta que decia la verdad sobre las falsas acusaciones. En ese momento tomaron mi caso y se volvieron mas que mis guarda espalda. Pelearon por mi como si yo fuera su hijo o algun pariente. Trabajaron muchisimas horas que cualquier otro abogado me ubiera cobrado muchisimo. En este caso tenia un dos por uno. Le tengo un aprecio personal a los dos.
Al final los resultados fueron sorpredientes. No tube ningun tipo de probacion o PTI. Para el trabajo que hago cualquier cargo que no sea una pequeña multa afectaria mi trabajo. Ademas tengo una segurida secreta y para aquirir ese tipo de suguridad es muy dificil.

Le quiero dar las gracias a los dos y recomendarlos a cualquiera que tenga algun problema con la ley

Max R.

Alan was incredibly knowledgable and attentive. Amazing Attorney!

akin fadipe

They are the best law firm in town, good at the job and very professional.thanks guys

Rashid B

Alan and Kevin Brown did a great job at getting me the best outcome for my case. I was in a really tough situation and somehow they got me out if it. They were very honest and helpful throughout and I’m glad I chose them. Definitely would recommend them to anyone facing legal troubles because they put up a fight and they are very understanding as well when it comes to their clients.

Davieoyn Hopson

Kevin really went above and beyond to secure better results than expected. The pricing, communication, knowledge and hard work was mind blowing. Thanks Kevin for helping resolve this life changer matter for me and my family.

Stephanie Burns

Alex Alvarez

I am currently seeking an attorney to take over an ongoing case that was previously handled by incompetent counsel. I came across Alan’s profile online and he scheduled a consultation with me the same day. Alan was extremely honest and knowledgeable. He went over my case completely and even took the time to answer all of my questions without rushing me. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a great criminal lawyer.

dana mahan

My case was somewhat complicated…do to the fact that I live in Virginia, but the Peyrouton Law Group handle it flawlessly as if I was sitting there next to them, I needed not to worry about anything, they communicate everything in a way that I could understand, I truly felt safe and I would recommend they’re services to all who’d listen…thanks again Alan for your wonderful work….Dana

Maria Encarnacion

Zuleika Wright

Joe Sclafani

I had an insadent In 2018, where I called apon Alan and Kevin for help. I can’t stress enuff how helpful they where with me and my case. They always answered the phone when I called and truely worked me a miracle. They are not only the best lawyers but also the best people, they will work for you as if you family.

Marilyn Ramos

Quinn Dickson

Definitely earned the 5 stars given due to their excellent case work and time invested into making sure the best possible outcome had happened; along with being kind enough to take a traffic violation FOR FREE and reduce the ticket to the minimum fines. 100% recommend for anyone who wants the best job done from a hard working lawyer.

jean segura

Animesh Mohanty

You learn from your mistakes.
And you always get a second chance and we are better than what we have on hand, Alan and Kevin educated me with this and they are true professionals .
The care and encouragement you get from them it really helps when you are amidst of all sort of legal chaos .
Right from day one I entered their office the reception and assurance kind of took a certain weight off my shoulders.
They are quiet experienced and informative and they for sure will get you the best results, Kevin’s experience working with prosecutors really helps.
They supported me through out the last 4 months with my case and got me the best possible result.
Will always be thankful the way they handled my case and were with me till the end. Will always rely on them if any legal help required in future.
Highly Recommend Alan & Kevin from Peyrouton Law Firm.

Brettany Rice

Hello my name is Brettany R, I just wanted to say working with this firm was a pleasure at first I was nervous and unsure but once my lawyer Kevin showed me how much he cared meant a lot to me. As well as Alan they both where very responsive and make a great team together they kept they word and they stood strongly by myself till my case was dismissed and I gladly appreciate it. So if you are looking for a criminal denfense attorney they are absolutely amazing don’t hesitate.

l t

Once again I find myself in a position to need Peyrouton Law . While unfortunate, I must say the silver lining of these circumstances are the unequaled representation by, in my opinion, the best, most hands on legal team one could ever hope for.
I found Mr. Peyrouton quite by accident, calling attorneys for an unfortunate legal matter I’d been entangled in. He immediately put my mind at ease, fully explaining the process, what to expect, and how to proceed.
When I met his associate, Kevin Brown, who exhibited the same values as Mr. Peyrouton, it simply reinforced what I had known. I made the right choice.
This is a first rate firm that prioritizes your defense, cares about you, and follows up meticulously. If you ever need representation for yourself or someone you care about, look no further.
Lou Tonachio

Michelle Smith

Kevin was a great deal of help in representing my relative. He was patient, compassionate and informative. And his experience in working with prosecutors helped lower the charges to minimal municipality offenses. In short, his results were beyond our expectations and we’re extremely grateful. We highly recommend Kevin.

Don Bosco

Excellent professional approach and demeanor, great communication with me as a client, clear, straightforward, they do what they say and are very fair and reasonable in their fees. Certainly, the client comes first! I recommend them in the highest manner and without reservation.

Andrew Hamburg

I was facing multiple charges and found Alan online and he called me back right away and walked me through everything. Over the course of my case he and Kevin were always helpful answering any questions I had. In the end managed to get most charges dismissed. Great outcome, would recommend to anyone looking for professional affordable attorneys.

Isaiah Hill

Alan Peyrouton and Kevin Brown were a pleasure to work with. They actually care about you and not the money. I highly recommended them for any legal situation that you may need.Trust me they will not disappoint!

Joseph Rivera

I came to Alan with an issue which had to do with expungement. If this issue was not resolved in a timely manner it would impede the process of me getting a degree in college. Alan was more than professional and i have referred many colleges to him. When i was reaching out to find a lawyer that would suit me it happened to be on a weekend and this man called me back immediately after leaving a message. One of the only lawyers to have done so. His staff in his office was warm and welcoming. I work in a field where people are in need of this type of counsel and i will continue to recommend him to everyone.

Vinny Fecha

Alan and Kevin were remarkable throughout my case and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! Great communication, empathetic, and professional as well as knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend.


I was facing several charges and didnt have any clue about the court system. Alan and Kevin helped walked me through every bit of the process and left me with no doubts. They were able to get me out of multiple charges with minimal court appearances and at a reasonable price. I very highly recommend them.

Jake Baxter

Worst part of my life was getting arrested but the best part was finding this team of lawyers that got my charges dismissed. I never want to go through that again. If this happens to you, these guys are great! Peace!

Rosanne Gibson

These guys are exactly what everyone says. Very professional. They listen, they act, they win. Alan & Kevin will do everything in their power to win your case. Good people too.

Donald Dickson

Alan Peyrouton and Kevin did a great job for us. They clearly explained the process and alternatives we faced. They helped us with the decisions, and provided the advice we needed to make those decisions.
Alan was also able to provide insight and experience on matters that were not part of the legal issues. We found this information particularly useful when working through our problem.
I would highly recommend using Peyrouton Law and would use them again if needed.

Travis Longendyke

Myself and my family would highly highly recommend Alan and Kevin Brown. From the first time I spoke to Alan I knew he was going to keep everything real and straight forward, so I knew I had to go with him out of all the other lawyers who I could tell that I was just another possible client to them. They are not like most of these other lawyers who are just doing this for the money, they actually care about the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. They went above and beyond to help me and surpassed mine and my wife’s expectations (which my wife’s are extremely high). They also care about you as a person and will talk to you not just as a client but as a friend who they want the best for. Kevin went out and did things on his personal time to make sure we would get the results that we were looking for with my case/cases. Alan and Kevin did something that 95% of lawyers would not of been able to do with my cases and that’s not just coming from me that’s also coming from all the court administrators. I would 100 percent recommend that you get the free consultation from them and you will know right there that they are the lawyers you want, and trust me they will do everything in their power to make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Maria Varela

Alan has been our Family’s lawyer for about 5 years now, always on call when we need him, extremely professional and dedicated to his career and clients.

Annaliza Talingdan

If you’re looking for a lawyer in NJ area. Consult with Allan Peyrouton, He is a top notch.

Jose Bermudez

I cannot be more thankful to Alan and Kevin for the great representation they provided for me. They are very knowledgeable and explained very thoroughly all of my options. They responded very promptly to any inquiries me and my wife had. Very reasonable fees for all of the work my case required. Thank you again for all of your help and dedication!

Derek Lam

Alan Peyrouton and Kevin Brown were an absolute pleasure to work with. They are both consummate professionals and were able to resolve my case with a very favorable outcome. Peyrouton Law’s rates/fees are also very reasonable, especially considering the high level of skill and service provided. Both Alan and Kevin clearly laid out my options and the various scenarios that may unfold, they were very straightforward and did not over-promise or under-deliver. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they’ve built strong relationships with many key individuals in many New Jersey courts and counties.

Debra Avola

Professional, honest, straightforward, available, considerate; these are just a few of the words I use to describe Alan. Your issue is his issue, he doesn’t pass you off to an associate. His passion for practicing law is obvious.

David Heff

Mr. Peyrouton is an awesome attorney and very client friendly. More importantly, he was very upfront and honest with me. He thoroughly explained and helped me through all the court proceedings. You will not be disappointed, if you need help he is the man for the job!

Joan Gismond

Mr. Peyrouton is an excellent attorney. He communicates very well and is eager to strongly defend his clients. He has been extremely helpful to my family. I would with no hesitation recommend him He cares.

B. H.

I highly recommend Mr. Alan Peyrouton. He returns telephone calls and email promptly. His advice is sound, solid and straight to the point. He truly takes the time to listen to his client’s needs. Peyrouton Law Provides Excellence.

Brenda Johana Arreaga Jacobs
Better Than 5 Stars!
He was honest about the whole process from the beginning. He told me so many things I didn’t know and the whole things went exactly as he said. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Dan M.
Look no further. When I was slapped with a TRO from my wife, I immediately panicked. “what if the judge believes her over me?” “will my financial licenses be impacted?” “what if I change jobs and they run a background check?” All 10 or so attorney friends of mine made it clear you need find experts that handle these cases day in and day out. That is what you get at Peyrouton Law. They are experienced enough to shoot straight from the hip so keep your mind and ears open. On my court date, as I watched the other cases occur, their pointers on conduct were cited by the judge time after time. Luckily, Kevin’s calm demeanor and extensive knowledge and experience proved paramount in letting my wife feel comfortable with a Civil Restraint. I have these guys to thank for getting me out of a very serious potential disaster. Oh…and Monday through Friday are weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays are weekends…right?? NOPE! I spoke to Kevin 4 times on Sunday prepping the fine details of my case. These Restraining Orders in New Jersey are for LIFE. Do not play around and use these guys as they are true pros. Can’t thank them enough.


Frances F.
It was definitely a pleasure to have Alan @ Kevin to represent me on my cases. Fast friendly and to the point. No drag out long court proceedings either. Thanks again guys and my God continue to bless y’all.

Michelle V.
If I could give 10 stars I would! I had an excellent experience with Alan! I received a call back right away and I felt like I was treated as more than just a client. I would recommend this firm to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for such a quick, easy & positive experience.

Mat K.
It was a pleasure working with Alan from Peyrouton Law. He was professional and answered all our questions in a personalized way. Highly recommend the team to anyone looking for a wonderful lawyer.

Excellent Lawyer, I highly recommend Alan to anyone. Do not hesitate, he is the one. Thanks, Alan.

A. M.
Mr. Peyrouton and his associates took great care and thoroughness with my case. The office responded promptly and continuously during each set of the legal process. Finally, the fee was quite reasonable, and our result was very positive.

A. F.
I am very satisfied with my lawyer, Alan G. Peyrouton. he was well informed and smart. he was also helpful and kind. I would recommend him!

Callie E.
Simply put, an exceptional lawyer. Friendly, compassionate, professional, and most importantly knowledgeable. Was recommended by a close friend and thankfully so. My family and I were impressed by how easy it was to communicate with and reach at all hours of the day. He promptly answered all of our questions and needs thoroughly. He held our hands through the entire process and always kept us informed. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us through such difficult and trying time. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Mr. Peyrouton to the rest of my family, friends, and anyone looking for legal advice or help.

Mr. Peyrouton won an impossible drug case for my son. He is the perfect lawyer! All lawyers should be like you…patient, compassionate, confident yet humble. We highly recommend him.

Jennifer R.
Alan is without a doubt the best criminal attorney I have ever come across. He’s sharp, always available, and always gets work done. Before I met Alan, I had been using another attorney who didn’t answer calls and couldn’t be bothered. Alan cares, he truly fights for you like no other.

Carolina R.
My family and I could not have chosen a better attorney to represent our father. He was affordable yet extremely knowledgeable and confident. We felt reassured every step of the way and Alan always kept us informed through everything. During a stressful time that could have gone much worse, Alan was able to get the best possible outcome for my family. We are happy we chose Alan and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Tiffany C.
I hired Alan Peyrouton to help out with my family member’s legal issues that were scary and intimidating. Alan answered all of our questions, asked us to be honest with him…and took control over the situation. He was professional yet personable and carrying. I highly recommend Alan for your legal needs/situations. It’s too risky to trust your faith with just any attorney… Alan Peyrouton takes his responsibilities seriously and faithfully! We did not regret hiring Alan Peyrouton Law, LLC!

Alan’s performance in my recent case was outstanding. I received unparalleled professionalism and support throughout the entire process. I recommend Alan to anyone who needs representation in their criminal case, as he is a world-class attorney. Thank You Alan.

Alan Peyrouton is, without a doubt, the MOST compassionate, caring lawyer I’ve ever spoken with. No nonsense, he could undoubtedly double his fee and not hurt you, but he’s just so honest. If you can believe this, he gives lawyers a GOOD name! Don’t waste your time. I graduated from a private Catholic college, and I trust him unequivocally. Never thought I’d need a criminal attorney, blessed to have found him.

Villega J.
From the first conversation I know he was for real.

Simple assault charge against my ex dismissed. Alan was always prepared.

DUI charged dismissed. I’m happy.

Caught a marijuana charge in Passaic. Good lawyer, really helped my family and me.

My neighbor fight with me and my family and Alan won the case in court.

I got my third shoplifting charge and cannot go to jail for 90 days. Alan wokred it ou.

Galvez R.
My son was charged with a crime and we were desperate for help but all lawyers wanted a lot of money. Alan protected my son with a payment plan. He a good man.

Santoro H.
I was at a party with drugs but I wasn’t doing drugs and didn’t touch no drugs but I got arrested and this lawyer protected me.

He charged a flat fee and never ask for more. He was worth every penny.

Felix G.
My daughter got a shoplifting addiction and this guy help her so much. Super lawyer

Victor B.
“He took his time when talking to me and never made me feel stupid like the other lawyer who took my money and never went to court.”

Sandra M.
“We met with 5 different lawyers and they all seemed fake. We instantly knew when we met with Mr. Peyrouton that he was going to fight for my sister. My sister was in serious trouble but Alan researched and prepared everything and got his case dismissed. If I could, I would give Alan TEN stars because he’s such a fighter. Stop searching and wasting time…call Alan and meet with him first!”

Colleen V.
I would highly recommend Peyrouton Law LLC! They are very efficient and timely with all responses and services.


Lisa S.
Excellent place to do business with calls back ASAP even after hours highly recommend.

Nilofar M.
When you are involved in a legal issue, everything becomes confusing. All you want is for someone to tell you the truth and not take advantage of your situation. Well, you can put your trust in Alan Peyrouton. He is very compassionate, understanding and not to forget he knows what he is talking about. When the legal book is thrown at you all you want is the right person to pull you out of the mess. sometimes it is not that easy. But wouldn’t you rather know exactly what you can expect or would you rather be lied to? With Alan, you get exactly what you want, in terms of honesty, and up to date legal advice. I have worked with many attorneys over the years, however, Alan is the one type that does not care about just making money, he actually cares about the individual who is suffering, or is being wrongfully accused. Make the right choice when it comes to your legal rights and issues. choose Alan to fight for you and your loved ones

Great lawyer, great writer.

Cannot thank him enough.

Very supportive and patient throughout the entire process.

Always returned our calls.

If you’re ever in this situation, hook up with Alan. He knows what he’s doing.

I work in Wall street where its all about the money. Alan’s fees could be tripled for the service he provides. God bless him

I was in another state when my husband got arrested. Alan went to jail for us because we couldn’t and he got all of the information we needed. He is truly an angel that god put in our life. When your desprate people take advantage but not him. Hes gonna be so successful bc he treats people like humans.

You could tell he’s different.

Met Alan at the gym. Gave me his card and I needed him 3 months later. I see why they say he’s the best.

“I had a recent consult with Alan Peyrouton. After a pretty detailed discussion, I did not hire him because he could not help me with my particular case. But that’s the best part about it – his honesty.
We have all heard stories where lawyers will just take your money when they know there is a small chance of winning the case. Sometimes, that makes the public not trust lawyers that much, and I am one of those cynical people.
However, I found Allen’s demeanor, attitude, and knowledge of his topics to be very solid and professional. He was candid about his abilities, and what he could and could not do. He also related a few cases where he had some success when other attorneys didn’t.
When you get a little older as I am, and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, you start to realize when someone is being truthful about themselves, rather than bragging.
He impressed me with his candid remarks, honesty and integrity. Based upon that, and my experience speaking with him, I would recommend him.”

Terrible situation to find yourself in. Criminal court sucks. Alan was the best part.

All charges dismissed.

Liz D.
We searched for so many lawyers and one guy only talked about money. He seemed like a used car salesman making guarantees so I didn’t trust him. Alan was exactly what we were looking for in a lawyer.

They did everything right. Good people.

I saw him in court helping someone else and I hired him on the spot. Perfect gentleman.

5 stars, no doubt.

Would hire him all over agen but hope we don’t have to.

Stan O.
Could charge a lot more than they do. Top service.

Rafael S.
I like that he fights. 5 stars.

Met Alan’s secretary and she said he was really good so when my husband got arrested we hired him and its true, he’s really good.

I was the victim and I got charged. Alan explained everything and got it dismissed.

Got my charges dropped to a misdemeanor. Good deal.

Arturo C.
Habla espanol perfecto, muy caballero y respetuoso.

Jeffrey C.
Obviously from al these reveiws he’s the real thing. Confident and consistent. Keep it up!

Alan is a total fighter.

Salomon V.
Muy bueno. Excelente

I was facing serious criminal charges punishable by time in prison. I have consulted several attorneys but was not satisfied with their advice. I was referred to Mr. Peyrouton, by a friend, and hired him to represent me. Mr. Peyrouton explained all my options, was extremely knowledgeable, confident and optimistic. Thanks to Mr. Peyrouton’s extraordinary work, my case was resolved and I was placed in probation, instead of going to prison. This result exceeded my expectations. I’ll be eternally grateful to Mr. Peyrouton for his magnificent representation.

Overall very positive experience.

Thomas T.
Great law firm.

I got arrested for interfering with the polce and I was trying to help so alan got case drop. Really nice guy.

Saleria Q.
My brother almos got deported for drinking and fighting. Alan save him.

Osvaldo G.
My son and his friends had marijuana in the car but it was not big deal but they got arrested anyway. Alan kept his record clean. Great lawyer always returned calls.

Highly recommend!

He explained everything and was really honest. I just trusted him.

Johnny C.
I got a DUI. It was my first so I was scared. But he helped me in the whole process. He told me what to do and how to do it. At the end the result was good for me. So if u got a DUI (I hope not), you must contact Mr. Alan Peyrouton

“From the 1st conversation on the phone I knew he was the one to represent me against a simple assault and harassment charge with a neighbor. In my short experience in seeking an attorney, none presented themselves with such professionalism and thorough knowledge of the law, the court system and attorneys.While one attorney I met asked if I brought the money within 5 minutes of speaking to me. Another wanted me to retain them without a face to face meeting. Alan not only spoke to me on the phone, he made arrangements to meet face to face to discuss my case. In our face to face meeting I never felt pressured as he was approachable, charismatic and considerate of my emotional and financial situation. He spoke of his accomplishments proudly and reassured me not of the outcome of my case but of his expertise in the system and success with similar cases.

As soon as he arrived at the courtroom I felt a sense of relief as that is not a place you want to be alone. He knew the security personnel, the prosecutor, and even pinpointed when the judge would be arriving. His confidence put my mind at ease. He warned me prior that it may take several court appearances but would fight alongside me to get the best possible outcome for me. So I was ecstatic to find he accomplished everything in the 1st court appearance. Case was dismissed and charges were dropped. He is extremely good at reading people and knew I was the real victim here so was not willing to have the case go any other way.

Once the decision was made to have the charges dropped and we were waiting to go before the judge, he took out a book which demonstrated to me his enthusiasm to better himself in his field. It’s no wonder he has a 9.7 AVVO rating, but in my eyes he deserves a 10 and beyond. He is an honest, down to earth, compassionate attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his potential and future clients like myself. I would recommend him to everyone I know as it is hard to find a good one whose not out for himself. I’m glad I found him!”

Awesome restraining order lawyer

My sisters addiction got real bad and she robbed someone. Alan really helped the whole family and she got help and no prison.

Money is not this guys motivation, hes competitive and likes to win.

Ricardo M.
I had a criminal immigracion caso en Alan help to me.

Jacquline G.
Alan got my son a probation when the other lawyer say probation was imposible. El mejor! The best!

Alan was hands down what you call a go getter… Always was on top of his game and lookin out for my best interest! Had a difficult case, up against a deck they kept stacked against me! Still he stayed the course and never backed down … We fought till the end and I can honestly say by the time things was said and done . Not only did I find a great lawyer! I found a ride or die n***a that had my back! If what your looking for is a professional that will go to bat for you ? Look NO further! Alan is your man !!!

I can’t say enough great things about Mr. Peyrouton. I was tremendously impressed with his intelligence, professionalism, and calm, confident demeanor, which helped me tremendously in getting through my case to a positive conclusion. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will absolutely call Alan. And I will certainly recommend him to anyone I know in need of a top notch legal counselor.

Boy did I pick the right lawyer. What really got me to choose him as a lawyer to represent me in my DUI case was that even before I even went into the office he took his personal time to have a detailed telephone conversation with me about the charges I faced. The first day that I actually went into his office, he welcomed me with open arms. What I liked was that he made me and my MOTHER feel comfortable and confident that he was the best choice to defend me in court. I faced multiple charges that would pretty much get my license taken away for good. He was able to ease my nerves and tell me possible outcomes he would fight for.He made me feel like he had my best interest at heart and he seemed passionate to do his best to try and help me.

Hands down the freakin best!

Don R.
Charged with a b.s. hit and run and Alan got video which cleared my name. Lucky to find him.

Maria G.
My husband got in a fight. Alan defended him to the max. He made us feel protected the whole time.

Not sure why this dude aint famous. He looks like a lawyer and wins a lot. God bless bro

He wrote something for my case and we won. 5 stars.

He helped our son with stupid marijuana charges. Kept his record clean. Very affordable for his service. If he charged more, I would’be paid.

“Having never been in the position of being accused of such serious crimes, naturally, I was filled with many different feelings regarding the charges I faced. Uncertainty on how to prove my innocence, and confusion on where to begin were among them.Upon first meeting Alan Peyrouton I was immediately impressed with the genuineness and earnestness of his character. After discussing the facts of my case, Alan explained in detail what the process going forward would entail and I knew I could trust his legal expertise to prove my innocence. Throughout the entire process Alan provided me with routine updates on interviews he conducted and motions he filed on my behalf. When we went to trial, he effectively cross examined witnesses and was able to expose their lies and inconsistencies in open court.

Thanks to the legal expertise of Mr. Peyrouton I was able to prove my innocence on all charges, and we won full dismissals of all charges against me. My family and I are very thankful to Alan for all the hard work and dedication he provided in our time of need. If anyone were to find themselves in a difficult position and in need of a great attorney, I would only hope they were as lucky as I was to find a lawyer like Alan Peyrouton.”

I totally agree with 5 stars. He didn’t miss a court date and called me back every singel time.

Yusef P.
Drinking and driving case. I wasn’t in a school zone and he saved me a lot of tickets/points and money. I recommend him.

Carlamba W.
He saved me a lot of money because he explained he can’t do nothing. He really is honest.

5 stars! He deserves it.

Totally guilty of a 3rd DUI but wasn’t going to do 6 months. Alan showed me how to do only 3 months in county. I trusted him from day one.

My daughter put clothes in my purse and I was arrested for shoplifting. I was so disappointed & upset but Alans confidence got me through it. Case dismissed.

Hermelio C.
“Este abogado es un tigre.”

Zachary B.
They should make weed legal. Yeah, this lawyer gets 5 stars

Jose T.
The whole system is messed up but Alan kept it simple. I’m no angel but I wasn’t going to prison for something stupid. He made it right.

Yeah, I agree with what everyone says. He’s honest.

Never promised and never guaranteed nothing but he got me an awesome result. I never want to be in this situation again. 5 stars here.

Tony C.
Great response times.

He’s confident but not arrogant. Guess he loves what he does.”

Got pulled over for speeding, then cop searches and finds a blunt. Alan showed the search was no good and we won.”

Jassinia U.
We went to my Final Restaining order trial and we won. Very happy with result.

Mark M.
“Seriously great lawyer.”

Alyssa P.
“I got a really bad DUI but Alan got me 3 months. I really like him. He always called me back.”

Peter G.
“I never hit no one & Alan proved it. We were about to go to trial and it got dropped.”

“Don’t know how this legal stuff works but Alan is a magician. He got all my drug charges dismissed.”

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