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Have you been charged with a drug offense in Hudson County? If you are charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) we can help you.

We represent clients every week with Hudson County Drug Charges.

Here’s a real case story of how we helped a client facing multiple Hudson County Drug charges.

After being under surveillance for months, our client was indicted for Cocaine Possession & Possession with Intent to Distribute. He was facing Second-Degree felony charges. Click here to learn how Crimes Are Graded in New Jersey.

Our client had an extensive criminal record and served many years in New Jersey State Prison for similar “drug-offenses”. He was not a “choirboy”, and to make matters worse, he had a vicious drug habit.

If our client was sent to prison again, his wife and child would struggle financially.

Although our client was facing the possibility of being locked up for a very long time, we were able to help him. We fought for our client over an 18-month period and successfully negotiated a plea offer which avoided incarceration.

This was an extremely difficult case, but we were persistent.

The first step in our representation was to get his charges reduced. Once we got his charges reduced, we were successful in getting him admitted into Drug Court.

The Drug Court application was a real battle. At first, he was rejected. And, although he was initially rejected, we successfully appealed and got him in the program. Instead of wasting away for years in a cell, he was able to get the help he needed.

He eventually got a good job and was able to continue to support his family.

We know the law and we never give up. Being arrested in Hudson County for drug possession is not a joke. If you are charged, or a family member is charged, let us help you. We will make it our mission to fight for you and protect your rights.
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