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Is a family member or ex-lover trying to get a Final Restraining Order (FRO) entered against you?

Or are you seeking to have one entered against someone? The law and procedures of the Family Court are complicated. Let us guide you through this process.

As Essex County Restraining Order Attorneys, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you. It is our policy to treat each client and their case with the utmost respect and attention. Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, we will go to battle for you in Essex County Family Court.

We represent clients every week with Essex County Restraining Orders.

Here’s a real case story of how we won an Essex County Restraining Order case for our client.

Our client and her boyfriend were in a long term relationship. They met in a drug recovery group and achieved a decade of sobriety together. Sadly, her boyfriend thought he was “cured” of his Heroin addiction and went back out.

While on a drug-induced binge, her boyfriend became violent and destroyed several items in their apartment. Our client feared for her safety and moved out.

In an act of revenge, her boyfriend called 911 and accused our client of tearing up the apartment. He thought he would “win her back” by filing a criminal complaint against her. It didn’t work, it just made matters worse.

He accused her of Criminal Mischief and Assault. These two charges were the basis for the boyfriend filing a complaint about a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

After a thorough investigation of the charges and the evidence, our attorneys were able to show that the boyfriend’s claims of Criminal Mischief and Assault were complete lies. We used text message evidence to show that he was the one to destroy the apartment. We persuaded the Prosecutor that the charges were false, we got the case dismissed. There was no need for Plea Bargaining.

If the client had had a Final Restraining Order entered against her, she would have had her fingerprints and name entered into a statewide database for Domestic Violence offenders. There would have been a fine to pay. Certain jobs and careers would have been off-limits to her because of the Final Restraining Order. And, if the plaintiff had ever called the police and said that she had violated the FRO, the police would have been obligated to arrest her.

If you must appear in Essex County Family Court for a FRO hearing, call us. We are Essex County Restraining Order Lawyers who pride ourselves on our client-centered approach to the law. We are not afraid of a difficult case.

Let us fight for a great result for you. Check out our reviews.

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