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Our client was driving home from work & she passed a police car going in the opposite direction. As she passed the officer, she and the officer exchanged glances.
They recognized each other as they had attended the same high school.

After passing each other, the cop made a U-turn and proceeded to pull her over. After checking her credentials, the officer asked her to step out of her car.

A search of her vehicle followed, and a small bag of marijuana was found in the glove compartment. Our client was arrested for Marijuana Possession and Drug Paraphernalia.
She received multiple traffic tickets for Unsafe Lane Change, Driving without Insurance & Careless Driving.

Our client was a young woman, who had recently started a new job. Like many people, she strongly believed in the legalization of marijuana.
In fact, she smoked marijuana daily and it improved all areas of her life.

Due to the fact that she had no criminal convictions, she was eligible for a Conditional Discharge. A Conditional Discharge is similar to Pretrial Intervention (PTI).
If she applied and was accepted into PTI, she would be on Probation. If she successfully completed the Probation, the charges against her would have been dismissed.

However, instead of having her apply to the Conditional Discharge Program, we filed a Motion to Suppress the Drug evidence. We argued that the motor vehicle stop was illegal and thus, the evidence of Drugs should be thrown out. The court agreed with us. Drugs were not allowed into evidence, and the case against our client was dismissed.

As Criminal Defense Lawyers, we fight aggressively for our client. We begin the battle the moment we get into the case. If you are charged, or a family member is charged, let us help you. Do not accept that there is no way to fight your case.

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