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Do you find yourself fighting a Final Restraining Order in Bergen County?
If you are the Plaintiff and want to get a Final Restraining Order (FRO) against someone who is making your life impossible, we can help you.

On the other hand, if you are falsely accused of Domestic Violence and need to defend against a Final Restraining Order, we can also help you.

Since our offices are located in Hackensack, we represent clients every week with Bergen County Restraining Orders.

Here’s a real case story of how we won a Bergen County Restraining Order case for our client.

Our client was married and suspected that his wife was being unfaithful. Finding incriminating evidence on her phone, he confronted her about it. She denied that she was cheating. However, later she admitted it.

How did our client end up with a Restraining Order in Superior Court in Hackensack?

Client’s wife lied and said that our client had Harassed her by sending Terroristic Threats via texts to her. Then she made up a story about our client committing Simple Assault against her. She accused him of pushing and striking her. These two alleged Disorderly Person Offenses were enough for the wife to file for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

To make matters worse, she told the cops that our client had a history of Drug abuse.

Attorney Kevin Brown was able to show that there was a lack of evidence to prove the allegations made by the plaintiff (client’s wife). Because of the weakness of the plaintiff’s case, the Temporary Restraining Order case was dismissed.

Because a Final Restraining Order was never entered our client avoided a lot of negative consequences. He did not have to pay a $500 fine. He did not have to be fingerprinted and have his name placed into a statewide database for Domestic Violence offenders. He is not prevented from owning a gun. In his case he did not need to worry about the Immigration consequences of a conviction.

And as Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey never expire, he did not have to worry about the FRO affecting his future job prospects, nor worry about being arrested because the plaintiff said he violated the FRO.

Do you need a Bergen County Restraining Order Lawyer? We’re really good at what we do and our clients are very happy with us. Check out our reviews.

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