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Do you find yourself fighting DWI Charges in Bergen County?
If you’re charged with a DWI, give us a call.
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Since our offices are in Hackensack, we represent clients every week with Bergen County DWI Charges.

Here’s a story of how we helped a client facing a difficult Bergen County DWI charge.

Our client had recently finished earning his Masters Degree in Finance and received a promotion at his Wall Street job.  To celebrate these achievements, his team decided to take our client out for drinks. He was feeling great and perhaps over-indulged during the evening’s festivities. Regretfully, he decided to drive home.

He did not suffer from alcoholism and had never been in trouble before. When he got pulled over and cited in Bergen County for Driving While Intoxicated, his world came crashing down. He now faced going to jail and losing his driving privileges for up to one year. He was worried and wanted to know if a DWI was a Crime in New Jersey.

To make things worse, the police searched his car and found Marijuana. In addition to his DWI charges, he was now being charged with CDS Possession and Paraphernalia.

He came across our reviews and made an appointment for a free consultation.

During our meeting with our client, we explained the entire New Jersey Criminal Process and answered all of his questions. He hired us and we fought aggressively to get the best result possible.

We did not win his DWI trial but we did get all of his Drug Charges dismissed. We filed a Motion to Suppress and were able to show the judge that the search of his vehicle was unconstitutional.

Our advocacy was successful, and we helped our client avoid jail.

DWI charges in NJ are very difficult to win. We make it a point to explain this to our clients and this is how we manage expectations. He only lost his driver’s license for three months and was able to keep his job on Wall Street by taking public transportation. Everyone makes mistakes.

Are you or a loved one facing DWI Charges in Bergen County? If the answer is yes, then call us.
We are experienced, skillful, and conscientious Bergen County DWI Charge Lawyers.
We will fight for you.

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