Garden State Plaza Mall Shoplifting Information

Who Makes Shoplifting Arrests at the Malls in NJ?

Malls hire “shoplifting” cops. Although they wear different types of uniforms, they are there to catch shoplifters.

Your friends may refer to them as “mall cops” but they mean business.

If they catch you shoplifting, they will arrest you. In the legal world they are called “Loss Prevention” officers.

Why did the local police get involved with my shoplifting case?

Shoplifting is a crime in NJ. The “Loss Prevention Officers” don’t have the authority to bring formal charges against suspected shoplifters so when they have reason to believe you are guilty of shoplifting, they will get the police involved.

Common Methods Retailers Use To Identify Shoplifters?

Mall personnel will look at surveillance footage to determine if suspicious activity, such as shoplifting, has happened.
Though proof of intent is required for you to be found guilty of shoplifting, if you hide merchandise it will be assumed that you did this to avoid paying.
This would shift the burden onto you to explain why you concealed the item or items if you didn’t attempt to shoplift.

What Normally Happens When Someone Gets Caught for Shoplifting?

It depends on the value of what you are suspected to have shoplifted.
Less than $200 of shoplifted merchandise carries a disorderly persons offense;
$200 to $500 worth of shoplifting is a fourth degree crime;
$500.01 to under $75,000 of shoplifted goods is a third degree crime and:
 anyone who shoplifts over $75,000 worth of merchandise is guilty of a second degree crime.
The disorderly persons offense charge would be heard in municipal court.
All other charges would be heard in Superior Court. 

What are my rights if I am accused of shoplifting?

New Jersey law allows for a storeowner who believes that he or she is a victim of shoplifting to detain the suspected shoplifter and take the suspect into custody. The law grants the storeowner immunity even if you didn’t shoplift anything. However, immunity will only be granted if the storeowner had probable cause to believe that shoplifting had taken place.    

Do I really need a NJ Shoplifting Lawyer?

This is ultimately your decision, but a shoplifting charge is far too serious to take chances with. You need experience, professionalism and, most importantly, knowledge on your side.
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Our priority is to keep your record clean.
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Shoplifting convictions leave a terrible mark on your record.
You will appear as an “untrustworthy” employee to future employers.
Let us fight for you and keep your record clean.

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