Is a DWI a Crime in NJ?

So, you’ve been arrested for a DWI and you want to know what you’re up against.

You want to know if it’s a crime?

You’re wondering if your DWI charge will result in a criminal conviction.

Your concern is real…
You know that a criminal conviction can have a devastating effect on your career, your future,
but most importantly your reputation.

You know that it was wrong to drink and drive but you’re not a criminal.
You made a mistake, but should you get a criminal record for it?

Take a break from all of your worrying and let us explain.

You see, in NJ a DWI is NOT a crime, it’s a traffic offense.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of a DWI in NJ, you will not get a criminal record.

The reason is that A DWI in NJ is NOT a felony or a misdemeanor.

However, you do need to know that a DWI will go on your driving record & it will never come off.
The best way to avoid getting a DWI on your record is by fighting it from day one.
Depending on the facts of your case, You may have a strong legal defense
Maybe you have what we call an “Operation” defense.
This means that maybe you weren’t even driving.
Perhaps, you were sleeping in your car when the police arrested you?
There are many defenses available & each case is different.
After we review your case, you may decide to take your case to trial.

We’ve helped a lot of people with their DWI charges.

Come meet with us and Let us help you.
We will review the facts of your case and answer any questions you have.
Go ahead and call now

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