What Is Drug Court? How Does It Work?

NJ Drug Court

Understanding NJ Drug Court

Drug Courts are one of the best things to ever happen in New Jersey.

If you get charged with a non-violent crime and are suffering from drug & alcohol addiction,
it may be time for you to seek help.

If you are fortunate enough to get sentence to Drug Court, be prepared to work hard. Drug Court places strict conditions on program participants.

The sole objective of Drug Court in NJ is help offenders recover from their substance addictions.

Judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, probation officers and substance abuse experts are the reason for Drug Court success in NJ. Each county in NJ is made up of a Drug Court team. Every person on the team works in a supportive manner to ensure that Drug Court participants receive the tools & resources they need to meet all of the conditions imposed. Needless to say, “recovery” is the number one mission of Drug Court in NJ.

Applicants undergo an intense and thorough screening process. If you are accused of a “non-violent” offense and suffer from drug/alcohol issues, one of your conditions will be to enter and complete an intense rehabilitation program. In addition, you will receive job training and education assistance such as help in earning your G.E.D.

Drug Courts are successful treatment programs that not only save the State of NJ millions of dollars in “incarceration costs”, but they help people recover from their addictions.

For more information, you may call the NJ Drug Court Director at 609-292-7087 or visit the New Jersey Drug Court website by clicking here.
To learn more about how crimes are graded in NJ, click here.

How To Apply for Drug Court in NJ

Drug Court is the last miracle that can help you avoid a trial and keep you out of prison…

However, admission into NJ’s Drug Court program is not easy.

After you apply, the Drug Court Judge considers 9 things before admitting you to Drug Court.

One thing he’ll look at is whether you are suffering from “substance abuse.”

You need to be dependent on “drugs” or “alcohol” or both.

Also, he looks at whether you committed your crime while you were under the influence. Did you get arrested for a “Drug Charge”?

The judge will review your criminal record and decide whether or not you’ll benefit from treatment

Remember, the whole point of this program is “rehabilitation.”

We want you to get a “second chance.”

Now for the bad news…

There are a few things that will automatically ruin your chances for drug court.

If you’re accused of a violent crime, forget about it.

If you’re not accused of a violent crime, but a gun was involved, you can also forget it.
If a gun was involved in your case, you should learn about “Getting A Graves Act Waiver in NJ”

Also, if you pose a “danger” to society, you won’t get into Drug Court

Enough with the bad news, let’s move on…

The best thing about Drug Court is that it will help you avoid prison & at the same time,
it helps you free yourself of the “prison of addiction.”

Drug Court is all about helping you get free so that you can live a healthy and productive life.

To graduate from this program, you need to bring your “A” game.

The same people that are doing everything they can to help you are the same people who will “supervise you.”

You can expect frequent drug testing and participation in either inpatient or outpatient treatment programs.

 You cannot miss a court date & at some point, you will be expected to have a job.

 If you violate the terms of your Drug Court program, things get bad…quickly.
Let’s not talk about that…let’s focus on success!

Finally, individuals who graduate from the drug court program may
be eligible to have their entire criminal record expunged.

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