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9 Mistakes People Make AFTER getting arrested for DUI

You just got arrested for DWI

Your choice of DWI lawyer can have a major impact on your ability to fight the charges successfully. Unfortunately, there are a lot of simple errors that far too many people make which negatively affect the outcome of their case.

Below is a list of the 8 Biggest Mistakes that people commonly make after being arrested for DWI:

DWI Mistake # 1. Not Knowing What Could Happen to You

Knowing what a conviction could mean for your future is one of the most important aspects of putting together a plan for your defense.

An understanding of the potential consequences is likely to influence your defense strategy.

You should be familiar with the following:

  • how your home state treats convictions,
  • the prior convictions you may have,
  • the impact it may have on your job if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

These are just a few of the issues that a lawyer who understands these potential consequences can address for you.

DWI Mistake # 2. Not Taking it Seriously

Mall personnel will look at surveillance footage to determine if suspicious activity, such as shoplifting, has happened. Though proof of intent is required for you to be found guilty of shoplifting, if you hide merchandise it will be assumed that you did this to avoid paying. This would shift the burden onto you to explain why you concealed the item or items if you didn’t attempt to shoplift.

What Normally Happens When Someone Gets Caught for Shoplifting?

If you are convicted, DWI charges will never get off your record. A DWI is not a crime in New Jersey. A DWI is a traffic offense. This means that the DWI conviction will never disappear from your driver’s abstract.

Also consider the costs!

The extra insurance charges and surcharges alone could cost you more than $5,500.00.

DWI Mistake # 3. Taking Too Much Time Before Hiring a Lawyer

The longer you wait to hire a lawyer, the greater the chance of losing evidence that could help your case. This is an urgent matter and you need a competent lawyer who can start working on your case immediately.

DWI Mistake # 5. Not Taking Full Advantage of Your Constitutional Rights

A real-estate or divorce lawyer who merely takes occasional DWI cases as part of his or her practice may not have as firm a grasp of the scientific and constitutional defenses against DWI charges as a lawyer who specializes in DWI defense. This is an important distinction. At our firm, we only handle Criminal & DWI matters.

DWI Mistake # 6. Hiring an Attorney Based on the Fee Alone

Financial limitations are a fact of life but if the main question you’re asking is “how much does the lawyer cost” this could be a costly lesson in the long run.

You’ve just been arrested, and you really don’t know what the consequences are.

Think of your legal fees as an investment in your freedom, while keeping in mind that the cost of the lawyer doesn’t relate directly to what the result of your case will be.
Is the lawyer you are thinking about hiring a DWI lawyer or just someone who takes DWI cases?

If the lawyer’s fee isn’t based on experience, education, and reputation as a DWI attorney then it may be time to continue searching

DWI Mistake # 7. Hiring someone who is not qualified to handle your DWI Case

Using a lawyer who a family member recommended, or who you know from the gym is a valid choice only if the lawyer knows DWI law and has respectable expertise in the area of DWI defense.

The complexity of the law demands that you have competent representation.

If you don’t raise the right defenses at the right time, you may lose them. Oftentimes memories fade & witnesses cannot be located.
Winnable cases quickly become losers (DWI convictions).

DWI Mistake # 8. Just Pleading Guilty

You can’t win unless you fight. If you fight the DWI charge, you can win. If you plead guilty, you can’t. It’s as simple as that.Constitutional and scientific challenges arise frequently which lead to dismissals of DWI charges. Not fighting the charge means you give up your right to raise these issues. You need a lawyer who understands the issues & who is willing to fight for you.

DWI Mistake # 9. Hiring a Lawyer who isn’t Prepared to Fight for You

It isn’t hard to find a lawyer who can walk you into court and plead you guilty. What you need when you hire a lawyer is an understanding that the lawyer has a plan to defend you. Your DWI lawyer must have the heart of a fighter. This is a good time to check out our reviews.

Don’t go to Court without a lawyer who is experienced and competent in the field of DWI defense.

Seek the advice of an attorney who has DWI trial experience and who has earned a reputation for tirelessly defending clients charged with DWI.

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